Saturday, January 25, 2014


January 25, 2014

Winter Comfort: 100% pure hazelnut butter blended with milk chocolate. Served with freshly made chocolate-dipped hazelnut biscotti. - 2

J's comment > the 'regular' hot chocolate, not bad, but tad sweet. Available until Feb 14.

Big Bad Wolf: A 38% milk chocolate flavoured with a blend of gingerbread spices and steamed milk. Served with a gingerbread cookie. - 2

J's comment > slightly too sweet for my liking, not a fan of gingerbread spices either which you can taste in this hot chocolate. Available until Feb 14.

Hazelnut crunch - 2+

Gingerbread cookie - 2+

J's comment > not a fan of gingerbread in general, but this cookie was actually pretty good. Hard, but good.

(left to right)

Mocha - 2

Italian nougat - 2

Biscotti - 2

(left to right)

Almond cluster - 2

Chai - 2+

Mahjong tile - 2


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Extra Comment
Note that each specialty hot chocolate comes w 4 pieces of chocolate.

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