Saturday, February 01, 2014


February 1, 2014

Black Cod Brandade w organic egg fudge, tomato vinaigrette, rye bread - 2

J's comment > essentially mashed potatoes w black cod, really yummy, but kinda basic too; egg fudge was fun, but I'm not a fan of egg yolk.

Braised beef shortrib w pomme puree, onion jam, mocha crumble - 2

J's comment > not bad, shortrib was more moist than the usual version you'd get at other restaurants (eg. Federico's), but something was lacking.

Duck Confit w grapefruit gel, petite greens, lemongrass, ginger powder - 2

J's comment > more like a duck rillette, not bad, but lacks a certain oomph 

Herb Gnocchi w black pepper ricotta, tomato stew, cranberry brown butter - 2

J's comment > pretty plating, flavors OK, but still average

Complimentary baguette and butter - 2

J's comment > butter was very tasty but the torn-in-half baguette looked really amateur

Dark chocolate ganache w cherries & meringue - 2

Coconut Eclair w passion fruit, lime cake - 2

J's comment > I believe eclairs are oblong, not round, and are topped w icing... anyways, the coconut cream puff (yes, this is exactly what it is) was decent, but the filling had very subtle hints of coconut in it, was more like a slightly watery vanilla custard; lime cake didn't taste at all 'limy'. Sorry, but Beard Papa's original cream puff is way better than this.

2014 Dine Out menu (runs until Feb 2)

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Extra Comment
This is a good deal despite the less than stellar dishes (I really wanted to give some of these dishes 2+, but just couldn't); you get a free round trip ticket to the top and you can wander around and enjoy the sights prior to your resos.

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