Saturday, February 08, 2014

Patisserie Bordeaux

February 8, 2014

Pizza - 2

J's comment > reheated this at home; not bad, the mushrooms and olive between the layer of cheese and dough gave the pizza more texture than expected

(clockwise from Mouse)

Mouse - 2

Caramel honey - 2

Hazelnut - 2

Champagne truffle - 2

Hedgehog - 2

Animal-shaped solid milk chocolate - 2

J's comment > not bad overall, but nothing really stood out

Vol au vent - 2

Chocolat au pain - 2

J's comment > vol was flaky but it's just that: flaky pastry crust; very little chocolate in the chocolat au pain, but the pain wasn't bad

(clockwise from top left)

Baba au rum - 2

Fromage - 1

Eclair - 2

Grand Marnier tart - 2

Pear caramel mousse cake - 2

J's comment > the rum baba was pleasantly moist; didn't get any cheese flavor from the 'Fromage', this was just a meringue w some kind of greasy mousse filling

Assorted petit four cookies - 2

J's comment > slightly stale and all bland

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Extra Comment
Had a Groupon for half of this.

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