Thursday, February 27, 2014


February 27, 2014

Special of the day: BC natural beef tenderloin w portobello mushrooms & garlic mashed potatoes & side salad - 2+

J's comment > beef was extremely tender, lovely mash, everything on the right side of the plate was purrrrfect; salad was average.

Dark chocolate chip scone - 2+

J's comment > lovely crisp exterior w a soft inside, just the way I like the majority of my baked goods; very nice.

Chocolate crinkle cookie - 2

J's comment >  not bad, a soft cookie


Quince on Urbanspoon

Extra Comment
Quince's main focus is actually being a cooking school. They also have freezers w pre-prepped meals that you can purchase if you don't have time to cook and don't want to eat out.

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