Thursday, February 27, 2014

Revel Room

February 27, 2014

Jalapeno cornbread - 2+

J's comment > slightly on the dry side but crumbly as it should be; you really need to slather on the butter for the 'oomph'; not quite the same as the herb cornbread I remember from Oct 14, 2012 :(

Cajun Fried Chicken Bites w buttermilk dipping sauce - 2+

J's comment > remarkably good considering that there wasn't much batter on the chicken; the buttermilk dip was superfluous though

Huevos Diablos (devilled eggs) w lemon basil aioli - 2

J's comment > not bad, but still very much 'just' devilled eggs

Pork & Ancho Chili Stew: Slow cooked pork shoulder w smoked paprika & roasted garlic - 2

J's comment > shockingly bland for a chili stew; loved the tortilla crisps on top

Pork Back Ribs: Cherrywood smoked w bourbon baked beans & sauteed greens - 2

J's comment > not dry, but not mind-blowing either; loved the kale more than the protein and the beans.

House made warm spiced apple pie w vanilla bean ice cream & aged cheddar - 2

J's comment > loved the crust and the cheese... :/

Dessert Trio

Salted Caramel Pecan Bar - 2

Lemon Slice - 2

Chocolate Cointreau Torte - 2

J's comment > pecan bar the 'best' of the three, but all were really average; the torte was especially disappointing - hard and not much else to it

Coldstone porter - 2

Stay Puf S'more: Marshmallow bourbon, creme de cacao, smoky scotch, irish cream, black walnut bitters - 2


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