Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Secret Location

February 11, 2014

Green risotto, seared scallops, freeze dried peas - 3

J's comment > O.M.G.... best scallops I've ever hand, hands down; according to our server these are triple seared scallops; I don't know how the chefs did it but these scallops are simply divine; risotto was OK, the freeze-dried peas could have been crisper, I think they started getting soggy as they absorbed the liquid from the risotto. 

Triple seared musk ox, black trumpet cake, red wine cherry tomato, yak marrow jus - 3

J's comment > another winner of the night, the juiciest steak I've ever ever had; the muskox is now officially my go-to red meat protein, it's crisp and is full of flavor; the cake was OK, but really unnecessary next to such awesomeness.

(pre jus pour)

Roasted cauliflower, toasted pistachio, coconut curry sauce - 2+

J's comment > Wow! If all veggies were cooked like this, I wouldn't have a problem eating them; this is cauliflower like you've never had it before, almost like a steak veggie; loved the sauce but would have liked the flavor to be a tad more intense.

Ostrich tartar, nitro horseradish, lotus root - 2+

J's comment > brings back memories of the ostrich carpaccio night, which I still dream of fondly. :)

Swordfish carpaccio, prawn mousse, freeze dried corn, nori - 2+

J's comment > a really unusual carpaccio, I've never had a fish carpaccio so juicy; I think the closest description to the flavor of the swordfish is tuna.

Squash ravioli, beurre blanc, dried sage  - 2+

J's comment > really creamy and smooth 

Pulled pork, lentil puree, puffed bacon - 2

J's comment > not bad, but definitely pales utterly in comparison to the dishes above 

Patrick: compressed star fruit, pernod lime CO2 foam, hibiscus gel, lychee jelly, freeze dried lychee, crumble - 2

J's comment > I got a very south-east Asian feel w this dessert; excellent flavors and very light, a really considerate approach on the heels of the rich muskox steak 

Blood orange confit, vanilla cremeux, blood orange ice, raspberry pistachio, pistachio pastry cream, basil pearls - 2

Compressed melon, aloe fizzy - 2

J's comment > lovely crumbly texture, but the components could have melted faster in my mouth for maximum effect

Damilano Barolo, Moscato, Italy - 2+

J's comment > sweet dessert wine, a nice alternative to a late harvest


Valdobbiadene Col de Salici - 2

J's comment > another dry bubbly, not bad


Chateau Ste Michelle, Indian Wells - 2

J's comment > not sure which type of red this is, but this red was very intriguing; right off the bat I got a smoky bacon chocolate flavor that was quite distinct.


Manoir de la Tete Rouge, Saumur Blanc TĂȘte d'Ange - 2



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Extra Comment
This was a special 10 course tasting menu running until Feb 15, and each day's tasting is different; 300 dishes in 30 days; I honestly don't know how Secret Location is doing this. Incredible. You also have the option of getting everything as a 'surprise', or have the server inform you ahead of time. For more info go to www.secretlocation.ca/300

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