Saturday, February 15, 2014

Snacks @ Konbiniya

February 15, 2014

Coikuya: Corn chips - 2+

J's comment > fluffy and tastes remarkably like advertised - corn!

Kasugai Squid Peanut - 2+

J's comment > not so much 'squid-like' in flavor, but the crunch and peanut mix just works

Glico: Cheeza - 2+

J's comment > dense cheesy crackers that worked really well

Glico, Friend Bakery: Chocolate cookie - 2+

J's comment > chocolate cookies that I can polish off in one go (actually, I did!)

Tohato, Caramel Corn: Milk Cocoa - 2+

J's comment > not all Tohato corns are made the same (see the Mango Yogurt version here), but this one was like cocoa puffs but airier and lighter. Mmmm....

Glico, Pocky: Strawberry - 2+

J's comment > surprisingly much better than the matcha & milk chocolate

Meiji, Takenoko No Sato: Murasami Imo (Taro) - 2+

J's comment > taro flavor evident as advertised; signature Takenoko cookie & coating textures

Meiji, Takenoko No Sato: Strawberry & custard tart - 2+

J's comment > strawberry flavor evident as advertised, not so much the custard; signature Takenoko cookie & coating textures

Amijaga: Waffle cut potato chips, seaweed flavor- 2+

J's comment > really crisp w hints of the seaweed flavor

Meiji, Kinokonoyama: Yakiguri (chestnut) - 2

J's comment > chestnut flavor evident as advertised; signature Kinokonoyama cookie & coating textures

Meiji, Kinokonoyama: Strawberry & chocolate - 2

J's comment > strawberry and chocolate flavors evident as advertised, but somehow didn't quite work as well as expected; signature Kinokonoyama cookie & coating textures

Meiji, Porto: Chocolate - 2

J's comment > soft and fluffy chocolate bits, but kinda one dimensional

Glico, Pocky: Rum & Raisin - 2

J's comment > flavors exactly as advertised

Glico, Pocky: Chocolate w pie crisp stick - 2

J's comment > essentially the original Pocky milk chocolate but these sticks have more layers inside, giving them a really crisp texture; not bad, but I prefer the original

Meiji, Kyo-matcha chocolate monaka - 2

J's comment > most definitely not a monaka (a Japanese sweet of some filling between two thin crisp wafers made of mochi); texture was all wrong, almost greasy

Puchi: Matcha chocolate chip cookie - 2

J's comment > cookies more floury than preferred; muted matcha and chocolate flavors

Four Seas: Gouda Cheese chips - 2

J's comment > the Cheezas above were much better; these were light and fluffy, which is good, but it lacked some genuity in the cheese flavoring department.

Four Seas, Crisbite: Chocolate sandwich biscuits - 1

J's comment > biscuits tasted like processed flour (I know that's what biscuits and cookies are made of, processed flour, but it doesn't have to actually taste like it); chocolate forgettable

Kobaya: Puchi purin choco - 1

J's comment > chocolate bits in the shape of mini pudding; really forgettable

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