Tuesday, February 11, 2014


February 11, 2014

Jewel eclairs
(clockwise from top right)

Burnt caramel - 2

Raspberry mousse -2

Green tea mascarpone - 2+

Blueberry - 2

Passionfruit - 2

Rose - 2+

J's comment > not bad overall; all eclair casings were the same, but the fillings really made a huge difference; flavors were as advertised, except the blueberry which was really subtle (well blueberry is subtle, so no surprise there); the green tea rose essences were particularly well captured though

Macaron Treasure Box with mini macarons and truffles - 2

J's comment > the macaron box was made of a really hard meringue, the 'XO' was like cardboard; truffles and macarons inside were OK

Macaron Cake w dark chocolate ganache - 2

J's comment > meringue pieces not as hard as the box above, but nothing to sing about; ganache was passable

Hot Toddy Float: Buttered rum hot chocolate blended w wild mountain honey ice cream, served w a Grouse Grind Reward Cluster - 2

J's comment > hot chocolate more milky than chocolate; totally didn't get the honey flavor at all; trace flavor of rum; cluster so-so

This is what a 30 macaron box looks like

Soirette Macarons & Tea on Urbanspoon

Extra Comment
Please help support Soirette and get more stuff from them as their margins are really low! Between my friend and I, we spent about $130+ on their entire Valentine's day line as well as their 30 macaron box for $55, but despite that, when we asked for an extra box, Soirette still wanted to charge us an additional $3. It's tough to be in the pastry business I guess, especially since there are so many fine competitors in Vancouver (lucky us Vancouverites!)

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