Thursday, February 20, 2014

Tea Sparrow: Valentine’s Tea Box

February 20, 2014

Strawberry Champagne (caffeinated green tea): Sweet and seductive aromatic fruit flavor w a breeze of champagne - 2

J's comment > very pleasant fruity scents, but you can't taste the fruitiness (not that I mind, I'm not a fan of drinking teas that taste like fruit, I'd drink juice if I wanted a fruit liquid); didn't get the champagne at all though; just a clean green tea taste on the palate; a winner if you'd like to smell the fruit but not taste it.

From Tea Desire

Lavender Earl Grey (caffeinated black tea) - 2

J's comment > not bad, smooth and subtle

From Rishi Tea

Organic Chai Rooibos (herbal rooibos tea): Blend of Rooibos & six organic spices - 2

J's comment > kind of sweet for a rooibos, but not overwhelmingly strong; I'm not a fan of rooibos teas in general, but this one I can drink without grimacing

From Gathering Place

Organic White Rose (caffeinated white tea): Organic white tea w organic rose buds - 2

J's comment > totally didn't get the rose at all after the tea was steeped (you can smell it when you open up the packet though); slightly sweet, but even w this trace amt of sweetness, I thought it really didn't go well w the tea; a surprising low for me as I have a slight preference for floral teas.

From Numi Tea

About Tea Sparrow

Tea Tips: How to Brew

Additional flyer that came w the box - Panty by Post promotional code: Gift15 for $15 off any purchase

Extra Comment
Tea Sparrow provided me with a free sample of their February subscription box, aptly titled the Valentine’s Tea Box. FYI I followed the instructions on each package to achieve the 'optimal' quality of tea.

From Tea Sparrow: "We are a tea box subscription company based in Vancouver, BC. Each month our subscribers receive 4 carefully selected loose leaf teas from around the world. All of our teas are free of artificial ingredients. We ship to Canada and the US and all shipping and taxes are included in the $20/month subscription fee."

Special offer from Tea Sparrow:
60% Discount Offer: This entitles users to 60% off the first Tea Box in an ongoing subscription. It will not work with fixed term (gift purchases). Users can share this code with friends!
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PromoCode: teas

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