Friday, February 07, 2014


February 7, 2014

Passionfruit Cake: Passionfruit mousse, white genoise, passionfruit gelée - 2+

J's comment > FYI, the chocolate message was from Bel Cafe because Thierry refused to make one for the individually sized desserts - Rant warning ahead:

The staff on hand insisted that their chocolate message squares come in one size only, and that size is double the surface of the individual dessert, furthermore, the staff had the gall to ask if it was OK? WTF?! Did they really expect a chocolate square double the size of the cake to actually look good on a cake smushed underneath a chocolate square so large?!

Fed up with this lack of service, I went over to Bel Cafe and the staff there were super nice and (I think) took pity on my distressed demeanor and offered (at no charge no less!) to make me the chocolate square above. Their chocolate message squares were quite large too, but they sized it down just for me.

I usually don't post about service because I try to stay true to the food, but every so often, an exceptional level of service deserves an appropriate level of recognition and appreciation. Thank you Bel Cafe. Thierry, to retain my business I hope your cakes continue to stay tasty because your staff's attitudes suck.

At least the cake itself is consistent as a 2+ from my last try on Jan 10

Mango Lime Tart: Fresh mango, lime sabayon & coconut sable crust - 2

J's comment > WOW! What a fall from grace! The mangoes were absolutely sour and the sabayon was more liquid than custard texture; this is NOT the same tart I got last year; what a shame

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