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March 8, 2014

(clockwise from top)

Buttermilk biscuit - 2

Matcha sandwich cookie - 2

Matcha white chocolate brownie - 2+

Mochi mochi brownie - 2+

Coconut matcha chocolate cookie - 2

Goma (sesame) brownie - 3

J's comment > fav of the entire pastry case (yes, we tried them all ;) was the Goma brownie hands down. This brownie definitely gives Bake Sale a run for their money; the matcha brownie took an honorable second place, being the best matcha brownie I've ever had; the mochi mochi brownie had a very mochi-like texture in the centre, definitely living up to its name, but could have used a stronger flavor punch; these baked goods all had a very subtle flavor

Scone of the day - 2

J's comment > not bad, slightly dense, I think it needed more butter

Mochi-mochi matcha - 2+

Miso madelaine - 2

Choco-chip cookie - 2

J's comment > mochi matcha had the same mochi texture as the mochi brownie above, but of course w a matcha flavor; contrarily, I didn't get much of the miso flavor in the madelaine

Tuna Tataki salad - 2

J's comment > not bad, tuna very fresh, but nothing special

Teri Pulled Pork rice bowl w potato soup & salad - 2

Kabocha-espresso cupcake - 2

Matcha-white choco biscotti - 2

Goma-miso cookie - 2

J's comment > the pork was really meh, not quite dry, not quite must-have-or-die, kinda forgettable; biscotti was hard as a rock, beware your teeth; other items were passable.

Matcha Latte - 2+

Hand mixed soda: Cherry cola - 2

Americano - 2

Macchiato - 2


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