Friday, March 14, 2014


March 14, 2014

Kale Caesar: Kale/rosemary crutons/asiago/house made caesar dressing (no anchovies) - 2+

J's comment > best caesar salad I've ever had; the kale was chopped up into really small and manageable actual bite-size pieces; dressing thoroughly coated every single piece; crouton lent a nice crunch; this was really good

Bitter's Awesome Chili-Dog: All beef weiner/homemade bun/house made chili/served w pretzel chips - 2+

J's comment > weiner very tasty, juicy yet not fatty; chili a nice touch, but unnecessary; pretzel chips were baked to crisp-chip-like texture, not bready at all; well done

Scotch Egg: Pork sausage / boiled egg / herbs and spices / crispy, golden bread-crumbed exterior - 2

J's comment > sausage around an egg... not bad

(top to bottom)

The Cow: Spicy beef / beans / mixed vegetables / shredded lettuce / aged cheddar / crunchy bits - 2

The Pig: BBQ pulled pork / coleslaw / chipotle aioli - 2

The Sea: Local tuna / fresh tropical salsa / asian dressed coleslaw / cilantro - 2

J's comment > fish was the fav of the bunch surprisingly.

Beef Chili: Spicy beef/beans/mixed vegetables/topped with cilantro & lime sour cream/served with garlic bread - 2

J's comment > we confirmed w the server that this is the same chili on the Chili-Dog above; not bad, but nothing spectacular

Goat Cheese Cheesecake w apricot compote - 2

J's comment > compote a tad too sour for the subtleness of the goat cheese; totally overwhelmed the flavor of the cheesecake; otherwise, not bad, very soft and creamy

Echt Kriekenbier, Belgium: Cherry - 2+

J's comment > nice subtle cherry flavor

Gulden Drakk, Belgium - 2+

Tasting Flight
(left to right)

Salty Scot, Scotch Ale, Parallel 49 - 2

Tin Hat, IPA, Townsite - 2

Imperial Porter, Porter, Red Racer - 2

J's comment > the Tin Hat bears mentioning that it was quite unusual in that it didn't quite taste entirely like a beer, but more like a mix between a grapefruit juice & a beer


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