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Candy Japan subscription box: March 28, 2014

March 28, 2014

Riska, Corn Potage: Puff chips with corn potage chowder soup flavor - 2+

J's comment > MMMM..... corn!!! very crisp, like a cheese puff (think Cheetos) but even airier and crisper, and w corn soup flavor

Umai bou: Cheese - 2+

J's comment > mmm... sooo tasty... the cheese flavor was much better than the corn below; fluffy yet crisp corn puffs (think Cheetos, but in one long solid cylinder); just the slightest bit denser than the Riska Corn Potage above

Umai bou: Corn potage - 2

J's comment > this was a solid 2+ before (see Oct 28, 2013 shipment) but is now demoted to a 2; methinks this is because next to the Riska Corn Potage, this just didn't measure up (hahaha... FYI, 'umai bou' means 'tasty stick'. not sure I want to keep going w that...); seriously though, the flavor of the corn was not as strong as Riska's and I found it easier to eat Riska's corn puff pieces than having to gnaw on the umai bou.

Strawberry chocolates - 2

J's comment > not bad; kinda like smarties, but much less chocolate and more sugar crisp

Grape marble gum: Grape-flavored bubble gum - 2

J's comment > grape flavor quite prominent; not a lot of gum per ball though

Riska, Umai Bou: Shittori Choco (chocolate puffs) - 2

J's comment > the signature Riska puff drenched in chocolate, but not the good stuff, very supermarket-y chocolate; detracted from the puff texture to boot; not impressed

Anpanman biscuits - 2

J's comment > slightly dense sugar cookies, your avg supermarket variety

Yamato no, Kame-san (mirin & soy sauce flavored crisps) - 2

J's comment > floury chips, soy sauce flavor most evident w the trace of sweetness of the mirin as advertised, most avg

Yamato no, Aji Curry chips - 2

J's comment > essentially the same shape and texture as the Ebi shrimp chips above, just of a different flavor; curry wasn't spicy, more akin to the Japanese curry flavor than say Indian or Thai

Yamato no, Ebisen: Shrimp chips - 2

J's comment > another very floury chip w subtle flavor of shrimp, really avg

Yamato no, Tai Arare: Red snapper fish-flavored chips - 2

J's comment > slightly sweeter than the Curry & Shrimp chips; chip shape also flat and in the shape of a lil fish, but nothing to brag about

Ta: Ramune - 2

J's comment > essentially ramune flavored melt-in-your-mouth tablets

Nericho Soft (DIY ice cream) - 2

J's comment > you essentially empty the packet of powder into the provided tray and mix up same - the mixture froths up to a foamy texture which you then proceed to scoop into the mini cones from the package; flavor wise it was slightly sugary w the carbonated mouth feel from a carbonated soda (eg. sprite)

Really tiny

Extra Note
A subscription service for Japanese candy sent from Japan.

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