Sunday, March 09, 2014

Dutch Wooden Shoe Cafe

March 9, 2014

#21 The Windmill: A plain pannekoek topped w spinach, grilled smoked sausage slices, edam cheese, tomato slices, one fried egg & Hollandaise sauce (half portion) - 2+

J's comment > sausage was surprisingly good; loved the whole combo really; the pannekoek was definitely different from the one at De Dutch, but just as good, this one is more moist and tears apart more easily when you dig in

Poffertjes: Grilled banana & whipped cream - 2+

J's comment > I asked and was informed that the same batter was used for these poffertjes as the pannekoek, but the texture was very different; not bad, but the stars were more the grilled bananas (excellent caramelization), the whipped cram and the butter.


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