Monday, March 31, 2014

El Pulgarcito

March 31, 2014

#10 Yuca con Chicharron w curtido & sauce (fried) - 2+

J's comment > mmm... the yuca was fried exceptionally well, truly a 3 on its own - crisp edge w a soft interior; unfortunately the pork was kinda abysmal - dry & chewy :(

#9 Tamal de Elote: Sweet corn dough served w sour cream - 2+

J's comment > one word: cornbread; seriously, this is exactly what I would imagine the 'original' cornbread would taste like, made over a skillet over a campfire; slightly crumbly, texture almost identical to cornbread, but strong corn flavor in this tamal, more so than any other cornbread I've ever had

#3 Platano Frito: Fried plantains served w sour cream - 2+

J's comment > not much outer crispness, but soft throughout and the plantain was the right amt of ripeness

#1 Pupusas: Stuffed corn tortilla served w curtido & tomato sauce (beans pork & cheese) - 2

J's comment > not bad; well made, but could have used a tad more filling; ratio of dough to filling was skewed towards the dough

Home-made Tamarindo - 2

J's comment > kind of watered down

Champurrado - 2

J's comment > really thick hot chocolate; like a very VERY creamy Carnation hot chocolate


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