Sunday, March 02, 2014

Mali Thai

March 2, 2014

#C3 Green Curry w chicken - 3

J's comment > OMG... really really good...

Steamed Jasmine brown rice (small) - 2+

J's comment > loved the nuttiness that most brown rice promises; went very well w the green curry

#A7 Chicken Wings: Deep fried chicken wings served w zesty sauce - 2+

#S1 Tom Kah Gai: Lemon flavored coconut milk soup w chicken, straw mushrooms & Thai herbs - 2

J's comment > not bad, but pales in comparison to the green curry

#N10 Mali Pad Thai w beef: Thai noodle dish w tofu, egg, bean sprouts and ground peanuts w tomato sauce - 2

J's comment > noodles a bit soft for my liking

Thai Custard w sweet sticky rice - 2

J's comment > sticky rice was good, but the custard was kind of odd when eaten w the rice


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