Friday, March 14, 2014


March 14, 2014

Yellow Pasta: Japanese curry sauce, chicken, potato, carrot, mushroom, greens, tomato - 2

J's comment > I think Mimibuloveme should stick w parfaits...; pasta al dente, but not in a good way, curry didn't really do much for me, I suspect it's Glico-made type of curry

Black Sesame Parfait: Black sesame & vanilla bean gelato, mochi balls, gyuhi, agar jelly - 2+

J's comment > one of the better parfaits I've had in a while; gelato very creamy and full of the proposed flavor; mochi balls a tad on the hard side, but not bad

Matcha Parfait: Matcha gelato, mochi ball, gyuhi, red bean - 2+

J's comment  > same comment for the black sesame parfait above

Strawberry Waffle: Strawberry gelato, strawberry, condensed milk, almond, cashew - 2

J's comment > gelato was the star for sure, like the parfaits above, very good; waffle was forgettable - actually it's the item that brought the dish down


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