Sunday, March 16, 2014


March 16, 2014

Foie Gras rice bowl w chestnuts, daikon, unagi glaze - 2+

J's comment > unfortunately this dish missed the mark as a solid 3 from my previous visits; I think this time there was less unagi glaze and the foie flavor wasn't as pronounced; nevertheless, still a fav

Parisienne Gnocchi w radishes, radish green pistou, buttermilk ricotta - 2+

J's comment > gnocchi very pillowy and melt-in-your-mouth tender; radishes and accompaniments worked well together

Special of the day: Duck rillette - 2+

J's comment > rillette juicy and the sauce on the side gave it that lil' extra something; slight turnoff was the fat on top of the rillette which just melts downwards are you try to scoop up the duck without touching the fat.

Vacouvan spiced lamb belly w smoky eggplant puree, eggplant mostarda - 2+

J's comment > as lamb goes, this was not terribly gamey, and had almost as much fat as you'd expect from pork belly; intriguing.

Shishito Peppers w parmesan, pine nuts - 2+

J's comment > FYI these are non-spicy peppers and resemble in both taste and looks to bell peppers, but w thinner walls; loved the charred flavor (subtle, but good), along w the just-about-to-melt parmesan & pinenuts

Half Duck 3 ways, duck skin crackling, duck leg confit & pan seared duck breast w carrot cake puree, oranges, spices - 2

J's comment > crackling very crisp; duck leg confit shredded nicely yet still juicy; unfortunately the duck breast was slightly stringy and hard to nibble off a bite - you have to pop the whole piece in your mouth to avoid a tug-of-war at the table and even then, the breast was slightly chewy; the carrot cake puree was exactly that: a carrot cake puree w cinnamon

Special drink of the day: Coffee negroni - 2+

J's comment > despite the bitters, which I'm not a fan of at all usually, this drink was actually quite tasty


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