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March 5, 2014

Hitsuma-bushi: Japanese style dish from Nagoya (Aichi Pref), a bowl of seasoned rice topped with unagi (fresh water eel) accompanied by a pot of dashi stock - 2

J's comment > not bad, the unagi was surprisingly pleasant. To eat this, Shuraku recommends having the first half of the bowl dry and pouring the soup into the pot afterwards, then enjoying the rest as Ochazuke style (soup rice); I did exactly this and was not disappointed

Hamachi toro - 2

Toro - 2

J's comment > not bad as nigiri goes; fish definitely fresh, but a tad too much rice to fish ratio

Gindara: Grilled black cod w sweet miso & sake marinated - 2

J's comment > passable; cod was overcooked (how do you overcook such a generous fish?), and on the salty side

Eggplant Popper: Cubed eggplant, pork & chicken delicately wrapped in a pastry & lightly deep fried, served w a ponzu vinaigrette - 2

J's comment > eggplant cooked well, batter passable, loved the kick of shiso in the poppers

BBQ Back Rib Japanese-style: Fall-off-the bone tender Canadian pork back ribs glazed w own secret BBQ sauce - 1

J's comment > OMG... so salty I couldn't even finish one; it definitely wasn't 'fall-off-the-bone' either and was more dry than anything; signature? seriously?

Sea Foie Gras: Steamed ankimo (monkfish) liver w ponzu sauce - 1

J's comment > I got suckered in with the words 'foie gras'.... note to self, this is nothing like the 'land foie gras'; texture was more gelatinous and not as creamy as the vision of 'foie gras' envokes


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Extra Comment
Shuraku is a sister restaurant to Zest, which I had the misfortune to try (before Vanbrosia was conceived).

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