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Snacks @ Yokoyaya

March 4, 2014

Meiji, Meltykiss: Royal milk tea chocolate - 2+

J's comment > very creamy, decent royal milk flavor

Tomoguchi: Banana chips in brown sugar - 2+

J's comment > light and 'fluffy crisp'; not bad indeed.

Umai Bou: Cheese puffs - 2

J's comment > not bad, but I think the whole stick tastes better

Almond Tofu pudding - 2

J's comment > FYI, you have to actually make this, and although I rarely cook (if ever), I had a huge craving for almond tofu (only found rarely at select Japanese restaurants) so I just had to pick this up @ Yokoyaya and DIY. The pudding mixture is very light (as almond tofu puddings should be), making this extremely dependent on the type of milk used. The Dairyland 2% was a bit too strong, in that there was a cloying after taste due entirely to the milk (the same aftertaste you get when you drink milk). Overall though, not bad at all, and I'd try this again w a different type of milk.

The way J made it
(I'm adding instructions here as the instructions on the package are in Japanese and I guessed my way through)

1) In a saucepan on a stove top set to medium heat, pour in the entire package of almond tofu powder and add 100ml of water and 150ml of milk (FYI, I used Dairyland 2%); mix well and let the mixture come to a boil; the moment it boils, turn down the heat to low

2) Add in another 100ml of milk to the mixture and let the mixture heat up for another minute

3) Take the saucepan off the stove and pour out mixture into desired container(s)

4) Refrigerate the container(s) for about 1 hour for the pudding to set

House: Black Sesame pudding - 2

J's comment > also something you have to make; I picked this up since I was on a roll w making the almond tofu pudding above. Didn't get the after-taste of milk like the almond tofu pudding, but you have to be really careful in portioning out the mixture as the black sesame settles REALLY quickly, so the last container gets the densest black sesame flavor, leaving the previous containers w more milk than black sesame. Note to self, use less than the recommended 400ml of milk next time. Maybe 250?

Instructions: How to make pudding mix according to Daiso

Nestle: Crispy Chocolat - 2

J's comment > stick w the Kit Kats

Meiji: Chocolate-covered strawberry gummies - 2

J's comment > slight emphasis on the gummy, not so much on the chocolate

Calbee: Lobster bisque flavored potato chips - 2

J's comment > didn't really taste anything like 'lobster' but not bad, as Calbee chips usually are

Lotte, Cup Choco: Strawberry - 2

J's comment > slightly better than the Doraemon milk chocolate crisps, but still so-so

Lotte, Cup Choco: Chocolate - 2

J's comment > I got suckered in by the Doraemon, but never again...

Lotte, Dual Wish Star: Chocolate covered corn puffs - 1

J's comment > had an oily chocolate coating

Umai Monaka: Choco Monaka - 1

J's comment > a surprising low considering how awesome the cheese puff is (produced by the same company!)

Available at Yokoyaya

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