Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sunny Spot Cafe / 张记凉皮肉夹馍

March 27, 2014

Braised pork bun (homemade flat bread) - 2

J's comment > flat bread bun really dense; pork was OK; FYI, there was a whole ton of the home made flat bread just lying out in the open behind the counter when I entered, so not sure if this 'pre-made' factor affected the quality

Handcrafted Shaanxi thick noodles w lamb - 1

J's comment > lamb and soup were bland; noodles OK

1-1-1 breakfast - 1

J's comment > pun fully intended, although the experience was anything but funny; the egg tasted SOUR! Never have I had a fried egg that tasted sour...; hashbrowns were just miserable limp pieces of shaved potato; toast was passable, probably because it was the item w the least amt of prep time; sausage was absolutely horribe - gummy, greasy and disgusting.


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