Saturday, March 01, 2014

The Roasters Pack: March Box

March 1, 2014

Bean North Coffee Roastings: Medium Light, Ethiopian Sidama, Brazil - 2+

J's comment > very smooth and a pleasant surprise; you really don't need to add sugar or milk to enjoy this coffee; if you let it sit for a bit, the berry flavor comes to the surface, although I smelt it more than tasted it

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Carvalho Coffee: Medium dark, Brazilian - 2

J's comment > you can smell the chocolate right off the bat; definitely a darker coffee that will need milk and sugar, but not bad

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Diesel House Coffee Roasters: Medium, Three in the Tree, Blend of Peru, Guatemala, Ethiopia - 2

J's comment > my least favorite of the three, slightly acidic

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About the Roasters Pack

Spec sheet

Silkscreen Art Print

J's comment > thought it'd smell like coffee but not really

Extra Comment
The Roasters pack provided me with a free sample of their March subscription box. I'm not a coffee connoisseur, but tried my best to keep an open mind. I tried this with two other peeps and they agreed w my ratings. FYI, the coffee comes in whole beans, so you'll need a coffee grinder. After grinding the coffee beans on a finer setting, each was steeped for 6 mins in boiling water before tasting.

From The Roasters Pack: "Our goals are simple – share a months’ worth of the most delicious coffee from artisan independent coffee roasters, tell their story, and give back to the coffee growing community (a portion of our profits go to the organization"

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