Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Trafalgar's Bistro

March 12, 2014

Trafalgar's Feature Pasta: Pappardelle in white wine cream sauce w dungeness crab & a pan seared trout - 2

J's comment > trout slightly overdone, pappardelle a tad thick; needed more sauce, but not bad

Roasted bone marrow apple & parsley salad, crostini - 2

J's comment > very subtle but rich bone marrow, tasty, but the bone marrow flavors unfortunately got overpowered by the crumble on top

Dungeness crab crepe: Herb crepe stuffed with crab, leek & fennel velouté - 2

J's comment > strong fennel flavors for sure here; decent amt of crab too, but was just 'OK' for me

Crispy sweetbreads & foie puffs on a red onion tarte tatin, red wine gastrique, pickled grapes - 2

J's comment > sweetbreads not 'smelly' which was good, but kind of bland overall; tart shell slightly soggy as the chefs actually baked an entire half onion as is inside the tart shell; well the onion sweats when it heats up so unfortunately the tart was compromised w this method of cooking; flavor not bad though

Wild greens with parmesan cream ‘yolk’ warm wild garlic & green onion, challah croute - 2

J's comment > beautifully done yolk, looks and cuts exactly like a yolk, but flavor a bit too subtle for me; when you pierce the yolk, the cream inside gets all absorbed by the croute which overpowers the lightness of the yolk.

Complimentary bread and butter - 2+

J's comment > bread very soft and warm, well done; butter on the dense side, rich, would have been perfect if salted

Mango Cheesecake - 2+

J's comment > As the prev cheesecake I had (I think it was lemon) was a 3, I just HAD to try the mango version; unfortunately, whilst this was still delish, I think the lemon still reigns; there were mango chunks in this, but the mango was kinda hard and not the ripe, sweet kind

Chocolate Ganache: Layers of chocolate chiffon and ganache (a blend of dark and milk chocolate with cream) with a hint of rum - 2

J's comment > this reminded me of Mosaic's chocolate cake, both very similar


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