Thursday, April 10, 2014

[Updates!] 2014 Grocery Showcase West (GSW)

April 10, 2014

I was approached by Laura Ballance Media Group (LBMG) to do a review on the 2014 Grocery Showcase West (GSW) at the Vancouver Convention Centre, and as there was ample food to sample, taste and review, naturally my response was a 'Yes please!'. The GSW did not disappoint and according to my picture log, I have about 200+ photos / food products that I tried and have to filter and organize into log-worthy content; quite a daunting task I assure you. Anyhoos, I thought it appropriate to provide a 'cover' log of sorts, and post the pics for all non-food related stuff of the GSW here whilst I work on the 200+ products' logs.

Approaching the entrance with anticipation; rest assured I didn't eat breakfast or lunch for *ahem* journalistic integrity to ensure that I did not miss a single morsel.

Pretty shelves of food

Sample goodies that we practically had tossed at us to try at home. Guess what my dinner is tonight?

A HUGE thank you to all the exhibitors who came out to provide yummy treats and proudly show off their stuff and a MEGA thank you to LBMG for the invite to review.

Stay tuned for the product posts coming up this week!

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