Saturday, April 12, 2014

Beta5 Chocolates

April 12, 2014

Afternoon tea - 2+

J's comment > First all-sweets afternoon tea I've ever had; most impressive factor of this 'meal' was that despite everything being sweet, everything was still very palatable, nothing overly saccharine; easy to consume

Pretzel Croissant: Pretzel dough, laminated w butter, sprinkled w flaked sea salt & presented as a croissant, served w a chocolate ganache for dipping - 3

Devilled Eggs: An elderflower pannacotta, set inside a thin white chocolate shell, garnished w lemon curd and a dash of raspberry powder - 2

Charcuterie Board: House made chocolate salami (72% dark chocolate, marzipan, dried fruits), served w 'blue cheese' fudge (walnut & blueberries), & thin biscotti crackers - 2+

Mincemeat Tart: A fig, date & raisin tart garnished w delicately spiced chantilly cream - 2

J's comment > totally in love w the croissant, softest thing I've ever had; chocolate ganache was a refreshing surprise - it was cold, not room temp, actually cold, but very spreadable and oh-so-decadent but not heavy, huge nods to Beta5's technique; whilst I loved both items, I think they were best consumed separately

pannacotta in the 'eggs' were a tad stiffer than I prefer, but elderflower flavor bursts through, which is quite the surprise as the elderflower flavor is notoriously subtle; lemon curd really strong, when eaten w the pannacotta, you can't get the elderflower flavor anymore

salami texture was quite intriguing - texture of the fruits definitely present, but chocolate flavor unfortunately compromised

'blue cheese' fudge's texture very similar to the actual blue cheese, but of course this one was sweet; this went quite well w the crackers, a tad too sweet to consume on its own - my palate informed me that this was the sweetest item on the tray

mincemeat tart was not bad; loved the cream

Poissons d'Avril: 63% dark chocolate fish filled w a soft salted caramel - 2+

J's comment > excellent balance of cocoa and milk; if all dark chocolates were like this, milk chocolate wouldn't stand a chance; FYI, 'poisson d'avril' means 'April Fool's' in French

Earl Grey tea - 2

J's comment > flavor sufficiently strong but not overwhelmingly so, lovely pairing to the sweet afternoon tea

Rooibos tea - 2


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