Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Blacktail Florist

April 23, 2014

Daily Special: Braised lamb shank cabbage roll w wild rice & goat cheese - 2+

J's comment > lamb extremely tender and juicy; goat cheese sealed all the ingredients on this plate but wished there was more of the goat cheese

Buttered Peas, Lavender and Walnuts - 2+

J's comment > I was suckered by the butter, but was pleased nonetheless - all three types of peas (garden peas, snap peas & pea tendrils) were tender and the different texture of each type of pea was a novelty

Poached egg, cheese dumplings, arugula, basils - 2

J's comment > not bad; essentially gnocchi, very similar to the one I just had for lunch @ Joe Fortes; after mixing in the egg, I didn't really taste it (which is very good in my case as I'm not a fan of egg yolk in any visible form) 

Fried Chicken, Garden Beignets, Beet Ketchup - 2

J's comment > fried chicken (white meat I believe) tender and moist but I prefer dark meat; beignets OK, neither doughy, dense nor fluffy, just... OK, didn't get much of the 'veggie' flavor, mostly just dough; beet ketchup essentially beet puree which was fine

Okanagan Pear, Cured Ham, Crispy Seaweed - 2

Salmon Belly Endive, Crispy Shallots, Dill, Pop Rocks - 2

J's comment > crispy seaweed bite technique was impressive as the seaweed maintained its crispness despite having the moist pear puree on top; flavor-wise, not bad, I tasted more pear and seaweed than ham which is refreshing (haha, pun totally intended) as it's far too easy for the strong flavor of cured ham to overwhelm the other two subtle flavors

Salmon was quite fresh, flavors OK, but totally didn't get the pop rocks :(

'Knuckle Sandwich’: Pork Hocks, Smoked Cheddar, Mustard - 2

J's comment > bread crisp but does not shatter when you bite into it, thankfully; pork hocks surprisingly not too salty; didn't get the cheddar flavor though

Mushroom Caps stuffed w Kale & Cured Duck - 2

J's comment > duck was way too salty; ratio of duck way too much in comparison w the other two items 

Chocolate: Goat Milk Rice Pudding, Apricots, Cinnamon Chocolate Parfait, Smoked Salt, Honeycomb - 2

J's comment > fav item on this dish was the honeycomb; chocolate parfait was a tad mealy; rice pudding was more like rice chunky bits, not a fan of the texture not flavor of this component

Smokey: Condensed Sweet Potato, Burnt Cedar Cream, Cranberry, Malted Milk Crumbs - 2

J's comment > intriguing... the glass you see had some smoked salt in it that you are to add to the potato custard (go easy on this unless you like things salty); cedar smokiness obvious throughout, but the cranberry was far too tart for the delicate flavor (yet rich texture!) of the potato custard; on the other hand, without the cranberry, this dessert was a tad one-dimensional; needs tweaking

Giant Cedars: Buffalo Trace, Sherry, Amaro, Cedar Scent - 2+

J's comment > cedar smokiness was delivered as promised in this drink; smooth


View of the interior

View from the window seat

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Extra Comment
FYI, the entrance on Water Street is literally 'hidden in plain sight'. My dining companion and I were staring at the building for a full 15 seconds, double-checking the address on the door, and not seeing it until we had the 'ah-ha' moment.

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