Monday, April 14, 2014

Boathouse in Richmond

April 14, 2014

Molten chocolate brownie served warm with vanilla gelato, whipped cream & fresh strawberries - 3

J's comment > still a clear winner since the last visit @ English Bay; really soft yet rich, w the thinnest crisp on top; really well done

Mocha ice cream pie w chocolate ganache & maple almonds - 2

J's comment > one word: icy; despite the creamy look, the ice cream was actually very icy; mocha flavor subtle

Old-fashioned - 1

J's comment > really watered down; also, rant warning - here we go:

At the onset when the server asked what we wanted to drink, we knew something was up when the server started asking us questions about what type of liquor we wanted, and after telling her 'scotch', she persisted in narrowing down the brands (we went w the Johnny Walker Black Label) - you'd think after asking us all these questions, she'd ask us how many ounces we wanted, but she didn't, so we assumed we would be served the 'regular' amt;

At every single, and I do mean EVERY single establishment that we have ever ordered an Old-fashioned, even at higher-end locations like Pourhouse, we have never been charged more than $15, incl, tax for a 'regular' Old-fashioned, and these are finer than Boathouse dining establishments.

We were floored when our bill came and we were charged about $21 for ONE drink; the manager actually brought us the bill himself and despite our protest, he very 'kindly' insisted that that was the amount of our bill. On closer inspection, we had a '2 oz' drink, although it was really hard pressed to taste the alcohol underneath all the water added to it. To see our bill in all its glory, scroll down.

FYI, an old-fashioned is a cocktail, and although this drink wasn't in the drink menu, other cocktails for 2oz were about $13. WTF??!?!


Receipt of contention

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Extra Comments
Got the Landry's $25 card birthday promo - note that it does not cover alcohol, so we only used it for the two desserts.

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