Sunday, April 06, 2014

Cadbury chocolate snacks

April 6, 2014

Cadbury, Dairy Milk: Caramel Popcorn - 2+

J's comment > popcorn texture and flavor present as promised, a good crispness to the popcorn, none of that stale popcorn-gone-soft texture; a well balanced ratio of popcorn to chocolate, neither overpowering the other

Cadbury: Crunchums - 2+

J's comment > chocolate covered corn chips! really crisp corn chips underneath the chocolate coating; another excellent balance of flavors

Cadbury, Dairy Milk: Chips Ahoy cookie dough - 2

J's comment > didn't really taste the cookie underneath the chocolate; texture of cookie dough was soft and ratio wise there was way more chocolate than cookie dough so it was hard to discern same underneath the chocolate

Extra Notes
Tried these out at the 2014 GSW show that I was invited to cover by LBMG.

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