Monday, April 21, 2014

Cartems Donuterie

April 21, 2014

Pizza Fritta: Deep fried herb pizza dough, topped w a house made tomato parmesan sauce, fresh basil, tomatoes and fresh ricotta cheese, served w a balsamic reduction and an organic mixed greens salad - 2+

Japanese Curry Bun (Kare Pan): Savory donut, filled w ground beef, potatoes, carrots & edamame, served w white miso garlic aioli, sriracha sauce and an organic mixed greens salad - 2+

J's comment > WOW! Very impressed w the dough of both savories - both were soft w just the right amt of airiness; loved the pizza filling, very creamy blend of cheese & tomato; best non-triangular-pizza-shape, non-thin-crust pizza I've ever had truthfully; curry in the curry bun wasn't spicy at all; loved the crispness of the curry bun's exterior; FYI, these are only available for lunch between 11:30am and 2:30pm; also, each order comes w two pieces of either the pizza fritta or curry bun, but the server was nice and acquiesced to letting me have one of each

(clockwise from top center)

Kitty: Chocolate donut w raspberry topping - 2

Earl Grey - 2+

Whiskey bacon - 2

Vanilla bean - 2

Blood orange - 2

J's comment > other than the earl grey which is still my reigning fav, the other donuts all had a similar spongy slightly chewy texture that I'm impartial to, each infused w the flavoring advertised; the flavorings advertised were all strong and were exactly how I imagined they'd be


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