Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Chateau Nega

April 16, 2014

#27 Barg: Askewer of tenderized beef marinated in saffron - 2

J's comment > beef not exactly tender, slightly tough and chewy, flavor passable, but saffron not evident

#3 Dolmeh (stuffed grape leaves) - 2

J's comment > on the sour side; rice almost mushy on the inside

#19b Eggplant Lamb stew: Diced lamb cooked, tomato, dried lime, a slice of fried egg plant and french fries served w saffron rice - 1

J's comment > absolutely abyssmal; there were literally two tiny chunks of lamb and one piece of eggplant (that's the round item you see in the dish); a lot of chick peas (you don't see that anywhere in the item description), and stew; had a really gross aroma too, my dining partner and I both took one bite each and had to fight not to throw up what was in our mouths.

Baklava - 2

J's comment > needs more flakiness to the crust; not too sweet

Persian tea - 2

J's comment > reminiscent of regular black tea


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Extra Comments
Had a SocialShopper for this. Place had a really funky smell. Restaurant located in the food court, 2nd floor of the Tinseltown mall.

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