Friday, April 18, 2014

Chocolate Arts

April 18, 2014

Haute chocolate: A hot chocolate service w an assortment of delights - 2+

Parmesan biscotti - 2+

Banana bread - 2+

Raspberry fruit pate - 2

Hot Chocolate: Spiced, a blend of chipotle, cardamom & cayenne added to 65% single plantation Madirofolo - 2

Chocolate cup - 2

Coconut & lime egg: A white chocolate, lime reduction & organic coconut milk ganache, sprinkled w toasted coconut - 2

Chocolate salami - 2

J's comment > the parmesan biscotti was simply divine... crisp and crumbly, w a strong parmesan flavor; banana bread had a bouncy texture to it and sufficient banana flavor; pate was not bad, reminiscent of a Turkish delight; spiced hot chocolate had a definite kick as promised in the description, not a molten liquid drinking chocolate; chocolates' fillings were good, but the exteriors were both kind of waxy; intriguing that Chocolate Arts has a chocolate salami, just like Beta 5, unfortunately, neither were my favs; FYI you get to pick your own chocolate from the display (I chose the egg in honor of Easter); I also just noticed that my fav items were all non-chocolate... 

Pistachio, raspberry, chocolate cake - 2

J's comment > the top half of the cake was light and had a moussy texture, but the bottom half was really hard - when you dig your fork into this confection, it just mushes up; flavor-wise, both the raspberry and the pistachio were so subtle I didn't get them, so essentially this was a chocolate semi-mousse cake w coloring. 


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