Thursday, April 17, 2014


April 17, 2014

#7 Yakiniku Ramen: Noodles in shoyu base soup w BBQ beef, veg & sesame (small) - 2

J's comment > surprisingly not as much noodles as I'm used to, then again maybe it's because I ordered a 'small'? A lot of veggies (bean sprouts) on top, way more veggies than noodles; flavor was very BBQ-ish, definitely different from the usual shoyu ramen; beef was OK, partially fatty, slices cut too wide, but flavor of BBQ definitely present

#14 Katsu Curry: Panko fried pork, cabbage & Japanese curry on rice - 2

J's comment > curry tasty, not spicy as expected of the Japanese style curry; rice plump w a bit of a bite; pork on the dry side, definitely not marble pork

Pickles - 2

J's comment > yellow pickles were the crunchiest, green were the softest; flavor was pretty much the same among all three, the usual sour/sweetness expected of Japanese pickles; FYI you can help yourself to these at the DIY counter on the side

Dorayaki - 2

J's comment > dense but airy texture of the pancakes, as expected of castella; red bean really subtle flavor; FYI a Dorayaki is best described as a 'red bean pancake', kudos to Wikipedia for that tip


Donburiya on Urbanspoon (all in Japanese though :( )

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