Sunday, April 20, 2014

ebo @ Grand Villa Casino

April 20, 2014

Roast scallops w butternut squash, cured pork saddle, caper emulsion - 2

J's comment > not bad; well cooked, but nowhere near as mind-blowing as Secret Location's triple-seared scallops, which they unfortunately don't have anymore on their menu :(

Sablefish w black pepper glaze, Longanisa sausage and XO fried rice, glazed seasonal vegetables - 2

J's comment > not bad; fish cooked well; loved the texture of the fried rice, but flavor could have been a tad stronger

8oz top sirloin certified angus beef w 'twice baked' baby potato, seasonal mushroom & roast carrots, compound butter - 2

J's comment > steak cooked to order as requested; butter (the white blob on top) unfortunately didn't really add much to the dish

Roast lamb w quinoa risotto, swiss chard, king oyster mushroom, salsa verde - 2

J's comment > lamb was not gamey at all, in fact, flavor of lamb was so subtle that all I really got was the meat texture

Seafood linguini: Pacific provider smoked salmon, prawns, confit squid, mussels, scallops, clams, tomatoes, white wine and tarragon sauce, linguini nero, Grana Padano cheese - 2

J's comment > linguini tad too al dente

Wagyu beef carpaccio: Eye of round, enoki mushroom, parmesan, horseradish, apple, umami vinaigrette - 2

J's comment > cut was thinner than the bison carpaccio from Oakwood yesterday, and whilst both were OK, neither were especially outstanding; didn't get the parmesan or apple at all

Seasonal organic vegetables - 2

J's comment > all root veggies (except for the turnip) were tender

Complimentary rolls & butter - 2+

J's comment > raisin roll was lovely w the right amt of sweetness from the raisins & very soft; butter unfortunately unsalted


Chocolate Sphere w chocolate mousse, sesame seed powder, Grand Marnier, moonstone, red wine reduction - 2

J's comment > loved the chocolate truffle (the sphere); FYI, the server drizzled molten chocolate over the dish after it was presented (see below for the finished product)

(after the drizzle)

White chocolate basil cheescake w cassis tuile, apple jelly, red fruit meringue, lemon curd - 2

J's comment > cheesecake was creamy, but definitely no basil in the cheesecake; I think the smattering of green powder was the basil and even this wasn't very strong in basil flavor; loved the meringue the most which I don't usually go for

Fruit Nougat: Semi frozen hibiscus tea and mixed fruit nougat, lime jelly, fresh berries - 2

J's comment > interesting take on the word 'nougat', the nougat was more like a frozen yogurt confection and whilst intriguing, didn't impress

Coconut mousse w salted caramelized pineapple, raspberry jelly, macadamia crunch - 2

J's comment > coconut flavor not very strong but texture of mousse was OK; the 'crunch' was unfortunately more like a powder; caramelized pineapple was delish

Complimentary iced tea - 2

J's comment > best unsweetened (sugar was provided to add to the unsweetened drink)


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Extra Comments
Whilst the presentation of the dishes were pretty, and the cooking techniques were spot on, I couldn't help but feel that something was missing. Although the complements all added to the pretty picture, I didn't think they paired all that well with the main items on the dishes, and that these complements were more for show than for substance. Tis a shame that the ebo kitchen does everything right singularly, but when put together, just didn't flow.

We had a Living Social voucher for a part of this meal.

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