Tuesday, April 01, 2014


April 1, 2014

Chocolate covered strawberries - 2+

J's comment > one of the better ones I've ever had; the chocolate was hardened of course, but didn't stay chunky & lumpy when you chew on it w the strawberry in your mouth, it almost semi-melted

(top to bottom)

Rosewater - 2+

Lavender - 2+

Black sesame - 2

Hazelnut - 2

J's comment > the rosewater & lavender flavors were most pronounced; sesame was OK, but not as fragrant as the top two; hazelnut could have used a nuttier texture; macarons in general were OK, they were slightly dense in the centre w the meringue very crumbly on the outside.

Mexican Chocolate cheesecake: Dark chocolate, cinnamon & cayenne pepper (medium spicy) w a thick chocolate crust - 1

J's comment > cheesecake was really dense and not in a good way - like overcooked dough; not very cheesy nor chocolaty either come to think of it; it just sat there like a lump.

Liege waffle w chocolate & maple syrup - 1

J's comment > waffle dense to the point of almost hard and there were chunks of sugar in the dough; seriously not impressed

Belgian hot chocolate (52% dark) - 2

J's comment > chocolate not very pronounced but passable; I think the chocolate shines through more in darker chocolate versions of hot chocolate

Belgian hot chocolate (milk) - 2

J's comment > tad sweeter than I'd like, more milky than chocolaty


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Extra Comment
We had a SocialShopper voucher for everything except the macarons. BTW, the location on Google Maps is wrong, it's actually right next door to the Ezee Riders Bike rentals.

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