Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mari Chu's sakura bento

April 13, 2014

(Clockwise from bottom right)

Pork skewers - 2
Wild west coast smoked salmon 'roses' - 2

Rolled egg w green beans - 2
Homemade red cabbage pickles (naturally fermented) - 2
Spring chrysanthemum goma-ae, bonito flakes - 2
Miso-marinated white fish - 2
Tri-color rice balls ohanami-style (spring salmon, spring broad beans) - 2

Sakura warabi mochi, soy flour & cane sugar - 2+

Mixed seasonal fruits - 2

J's comment > FYI, everything was Japanese picnic bento-style, meaning all items were room temp; nonetheless, as room temp meat products go, the pork skewers weren't bad, slightly tough, but enough fat to be juicy; rolled egg (AKA tamago) was a tad overdone - you could see the layers very distinctly; pickles could have been a tad stronger as the other items in the box all had very strong flavors; fish was really dense but not fishy at all; rice balls also very dense, would have loved them more fluffy; warabi mochi w the sugar sprinkled on top was the fav of the bunch, we asked Mari specifically for this and we are ever so grateful that she complied

Side note: Mari actually asked us what our palate was like to custom make this bento, and I informed her 'butter', 'meat' and other rich tasting items. Definitely a tall order, as Mari's specialty is in using healthier, vegan ingredients, but she nonetheless complied for us. Thanks Mari!


Extra Comment
Mari originally intended to make this for the yoga session that she had planned, but unfortunately the yoga was cancelled. Thankfully though, she was most accommodating and made us the bento anyways.

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