Sunday, April 13, 2014

Menchie's on Cambie

April 13, 2014

Original greek yogurt w cheesecake pieces, maraschino cherries, walnuts - 2+

J's comment > after trying all the flavors in the store (yes, I did), the original greek yogurt came out on top, so that's what I got; cheesecake pieces were surprisingly good, creamy and soft; walnuts didn't go as well as I expected, I need a lot more crunch for my right balance; maraschino cherries were as expected

(left to right from top)

True blueberry tart - 2

Cookies n' cream - 2

Original greek yogurt - 2+

Purely tart - 2

Pure chocolate - 2

Butter pecan - 2+

J's comment > other than the 2+ rated frozen yogurts, the others all had a strange after-taste to them, reminiscent of a powder additive; in general, the selection of frozen yogurt sampled today leaned more towards a sorbet than a creamy treat.

Ripe red strawberry sorbet - 2

Hawaiian papaya sorbet - 2

Creamsicle - 2

Fluffy marshmallow - 2

Sugar bush maple cookie - 2

J's comment > same comments per the above, but the maple cookie struck out as being particularly disappointing - the weird after-taste mentioned was most pronounced in this flavor

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