Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Michigan Noodle Shop / 麥之根雲吞麵世家

April 8, 2014

Sauteed clams - 2+

J's comment > I'm not a huge fan of clams per se, but this dish definitely changed my mind about said ingredient; clams were really really fresh and the sauce wasn't overwhelmingly salty like some of the other sauteed clam dishes I've tried in the past.

Deep fried tofu w peppery salt - 2+

J's comment > nothing like Golden Harvest's when it was at its peak, but this was a good alternate version; the beauty in this dish was that despite being an inherently subtle ingredient that got deep fried, the tofu was nevertheless plump and wasn't dried out; exterior wasn't crisp, but still pleasant

Deep fried chicken wings - 2

J's comment > not bad; wings a tad overcooked but fry OK

Traditional wonton noodle in soup (shrimp & pork) - 2

J's comment > really good wontons, juicy and plump; noodles were meh though, tad al dente for chinese standards, completely tangled and impossible to just pull out a biteful, you have to chomp down on a huge chunk.

Pea tips in supreme broth - 2

J's comment > veggies were old and thus chewy and stringy, but flavor not bad 

Lemon tea - 2+

J's comment > this came pre-mixed (I really despise having to mix my own lemon tea); really good balance of the sourness of the lemon and the syrup added


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