Friday, April 11, 2014

Octopus Garden

April 11, 2014

Wagyu nigiri - 2+

J's comment > really buttery as expected of marble Wagyu :D:D:D; tad salty w the yuzu kosho but completely forgivable w the brilliant wagyu cut

Chu-toro nigiri - 2+

J's comment > lovely cut, not a single tendon; not as buttery as o-toro though (we would have gotten the o-toro but it wasn't available today)

Aburi Waru (butterfish) nigiri - 2+

J's comment > really soft fish, tender and creamy without being rich

Aburi Japanese saba nigiri - 2+

J's comment > according to Sada-san, he only stocks the Japanese saba on Fridays to Sunday; FYI, the Japanese saba is way better than regular Spanish mackerel, the Japanese version is tad juicier and plumper, with a more subtle but refreshing flavor

Tamago nigiri - 2+

J's comment > the only way tamago nigiri should be done :D

Battera oshizushi (pressed mackerel sushi) - 2+

J's comment > lovely fish as per the above aburi saba nigiri, but surprisingly the non-aburi version was a tad saltier; loved the presence of shiso; I totally appreciate the traditional take on oshizushi, but have to say the Miku / Minami aburi salmon oshizushi has the edge on the oshizushi battle for me

Black sesame gomaae - 2

J's comment > disappointingly almost too sweet; nice tender spinach pieces though; could have used way more black sesame flavor

Snicker doodle w mix berry - 2+

J's comment > kind of like a berry pie; for once the ice cream actually makes sense w the pie underneath (not really sure why the title of the dish was 'snicker doodle' as that stands for a type of cookie)

Matcha profit roll w matcha jelato & red beans - 2

J's comment > loved the word pun 'proft roll' / 'profiterole', hahaha....; anyhoos, the puff pastry was a tad dense and the ice cream, whilst tasty, was too hard - when you try to cut into the big 'profit roll', the ice cream squishes out the sides


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