Sunday, April 06, 2014

Okanagan Applessence (sparkling fruit beverages)

April 6, 2014

Orchard Pear - 2+

J's comment > pear flavor quite pronounced w a clean finish, not overly sweet, bubbly as promised

Crisp Apple - 2+

J's comment > apple not sour at all, sweetness level close to the Red Delicious apple, no sugary aftertaste you sometimes get clinging to your tongue after drinking some types of processed apple juices (there is no sugar or water added to any of Applessence products, everything is made w 100% fruit); definitely better than the Martinelli's brand from Costco

Fresh Peach - 2+

J's comment > peach flavor surprisingly strong, as the peach is inherently a subtle flavor; well done.

Ripe Raspberry - 2

J's comment > raspberry not actually as sour as I thought; it's almost like Applessence extracted the sweetness of the raspberry and only left a hint of the sourness that characterizes the raspberry; I'm not exactly a fan of raspberries though, so I admit I'm biased

Wild Cherry - 2

J's comment > slightly disappointed w this after the impressive array above; the cherry flavor taste reminded me of cherry-flavored cough syrups, but bubbly; not quite what I imagined (ie actual fresh cherry), although I believe Applessence did use fresh cherries. Hmmm... curious

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Extra Note
Tried these out at the 2014 GSW show that I was invited to cover by LBMG.

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