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Pepperidge Farm products

April 6, 2014

Pepperidge Farm, Monaco: Double chocolate - 2+

J's comment > loved the cookie base, not exactly a crisp cookie nor a soft cookie, but a really good balance of 'somewhere in between'; the advertised 'double chocolate' delivered as promised and it was one heck of a chocolaty cookie despite appearances

Pepperidge Farm, Monaco: Mint Chocolate - 2+

J's comment > same cookie base as above that I love, but mint chocolate flavor not as strong as expected, especially on the heels of the Christie mint chocolate chip cookies

Pepperidge Farm, Sausalito: Milk chocolate macadamia chocolate chunk crisp cookies - 2+

J's comment > definitely a crisp cookie as advertised; strong chocolate flavors and macadamia bits present

Pepperidge Farm, Chesapeake: Dark chocolate pecan chocolate chunk crisp cookies - 2+

J's comment > just as crisp as the one above, but chocolate chunks not as creamy; pecans not as abundant as macadamias above

Pepperidge Farm, Goldfish Baked Grahams: Vanilla cupcake - 2

J's comment > not bad; not as crisp as the regular version of the cheddar goldfish, but nevertheless good sweet cookie bits

Pepperidge Farm, Goldfish Whole Grain: Cheddar - 2

J's comment > similar to the regular version, but you can definitely taste the 'whole grain' factor

Pepperidge Farm, Goldfish Colors: Cheddar - 2

J's comment > didn't taste at all like the regular version, less cheddar flavor than even the whole grain above, essentially colored savory cheddar bits

Pepperidge Farm, Baked tortilla crackers: Nacho cheese - 2

J's comment > kinda like a pita chip cracker, subtle cheese flavor

Pepperidge Farm, Baked tortilla crackers: White cheddar and cracked black pepper - 2

J's comment > texture same as the Nacho cheese variety, kinda like a pita chip cracker, subtle cheese and pepper flavors

Extra Notes
Tried these out at the 2014 GSW show that I was invited to cover by LBMG.

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