Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Pronto Caffe

April 9, 2014

Strozzapreti Boscaiola w wild mushroom & pork ragu - 2+

J's comment > excellent flavor in the sauce and pork ragu; pork very tender; pasta was unfortunately a tad undercooked; mushrooms unfortunately cause extra water to sink to the bottom of the dish, making the sauce slightly watery at the bottom.

Spaghetti w lamb sausage, basil & spicy tomato - 2+

J's comment > another very tasty sauce; spaghetti was also slightly undercooked but not as much as the pasta above; lamb sausage flavor not very strong but decent

Stuffed Dates: Medjool dates filled with gorgonzola cheese and wrapped in prosciutto, served warm - 2

J's comment > flavor balance way off; the prosciutto barely made a dent in the sweet dates (and I mean so-sweet-it-hurts-your-throat-sweet); cheese completely overwhelmed by the dates, I could barely taste it 

Tomato basil & pesto soup (small) - 2

J's comment > meh, average; sharp tanginess of tomato, nothing much more

Chocolate lava cake - 2+

J's comment > freshly warmed w a very ooey gooey centre; surrounding chocolate cake remained firm, although a tad too firm on the edges touching the ramekin; chocolate heaven

Chocolate hazelnut torte - 2

J's comment > kind of like a brownie texture, fluffy-dense; advertised flavors most definitely present

Lemon Tiramisu - 2

J's comment > not bad; it's got the lady fingers and mascarpone cheese but no coffee or chocolate, instead a healthy does of lemon; moist w a decent touch of creaminess to it, but despite this, a tad watery at the bottom; lemon flavor quite sour

Negroni - 2

J's comment > quite the bitter one this drink...


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