Wednesday, April 16, 2014


April 16, 2014

Surf & Turf

Lobster Salad sandwich, w prosciutto, rocket and garlic mayo - 2+

Roast Beef sandwich w sliced pickles, cheddar, rocket, horseradish mayo - 2+

J's comment > very generous amts of lobster in the lobster sandwich, giving it a really 'meaty' texture, but the lobster flavor is totally there; the garlic mayo was slightly tangy w the garlic present, but subtle enough for the lobster to shine, nicely done; didn't get much of the prosciutto though, could have done either with or without this;

Although visually it doesn't look like there's much meat in the roast beef sandwich, it nonetheless tasted like there was a lot of meat; the pickles actually made sense for once, and weren't just sitting there to 'look pretty', they gave the right amt of ; horseradish mayo another beauty, not very spicy; I think the cheddar didn't make it into this particular sandwich as I didn't see it.

The bread holding up sandwiches are far too often overlooked as we obsess more over the stuffing between the slices; Rocket's bread though, definitely made me think twice about discounting the usually unappreciated squares of carbs; slightly nutty & on the dense side (definitely not fluffy), it was nonetheless airy and screamed 'fresh', the texture was reminiscent of sourdough, without the 'sour'; a fantastic pairing with both sets of fillings.

Cookie Trio: Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Macademia & Oatmeal chocolate - 2+

J's comment > these are soft and chewy cookies w the barest hint of a crisp on the outside; chocolaty flavor present but not overwhelming in all three cookies; the surprising fav for me was the oatmeal, - surprising cause healthy items usually can't compare to the so-bad-for-you-but-tastes-oh-so-good foods eg. butter ;) the additional texture of the oats in the oatmeal compensated for its inherent 'disability'; there were on the house (story below)

Cardamom bun - 2+

J's comment > Rocket's self-professed signature bun; very strong cardamom flavor; texture of dough was on the dense side; trace sweet. FYI, I actually got and tried this last week when I popped in to see what new food establishment had just sprung up in my 'hood; I think the current promo is free bun w coffee.

Smoked salmon quiche - 2

J's comment > served cold; salmon flavor present but not strong nor fishy; quiche filling overall tad dense for my liking

Complimentary Beechies chewing gum - 2

J's comment > these come w every sandwich purchase to cleanse the palate

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Extra Comment
Rocket offers a healthier alternative for "taste-cravers on-the-go" (like me! I'm totally a "taste-craver"!). Now when I hear the word 'healthy', I start heading in the opposite direction, but I gave Rocket a chance and am extremely pleased that I was bowled over with just how delish the sandwiches were.

Rocket serves the breakfast & lunch crowd only, and has only the breakfast sandwiches available for 'pick, pay and go' from their fridge in the morning. Hence I was on the verge of tears when I learnt about the Surf & Turf on Mon afternoon, went back on Tues morning for same, only to learn that it wasn't ready yet and had to be prepped (I was in a rush so didn't have the time to wait for it). Determined to sink my teeth into that Surf & Turf, I asked specifically for the Surf & Turf to be available for pick up this morning and the Rocket staff indeed had my sandwich ready to go. One of the co-owners were even on site (I think they are everyday) and let me have the complimentary cookies.

In summary, if you're in a hurry and want to pick up a 'lunch' sandwich, make sure to call ahead and ask if it's available. Otherwise if you have 5 mins to spare, they can be made onsite right away.

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