Monday, April 28, 2014

Save on Meats

April 28, 2014

Build your own burger
J's burger: Beef 2 patties w real cheddar, blue cheese, sauteed onion, avocado, tomato, cucumber, SOM smear, mayo, sour cream & perogies - 2

J's comment > patties salty, but complements fresh and good (except the perogies which were just 'there' - on the tough and doughy side); FYI, if you get the blue cheese, that's all you're going to taste sauce-wise so don't bother getting any other sauce if you're going blue

Fried chicken - 2

J's comment > I cajoled the server to grant me one piece of the fried chicken as a side order; whilst the chicken itself was cooked well, still juicy, it was on the cold side; the batter was kinda dense, not a fan

The customizable burger list that Save On Meats is known for

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