Saturday, April 05, 2014

Secret Location

April 5, 2014

Trip to Paradise: Coconut mousse, kaya sauce, yogurt sorbet, caramelized Dulcey - 2+

J's comment > really light flavors, yet the kaya which is usually really really subtle came through very well and the dulcey gave the well-deserved occasional 'pop' to an otherwise one-dimensional dessert

Along the Mekong River: Kaffir lime parfait, calamansi & blood orange sorbet, curry pistachio, burnt orange caramel tapioca - 2+

J's comment > quite pleased to taste the curry which didn't rip the dessert apart; loved the blend of flavors and textures on this dish

The Discovery: Manjari espresso aerated ganache, hazlenut cream & soil, rosemary honey lemon fizzy - 2

J's comment > not bad; really tasty, but flavors kinda generic


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