Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Snacks @ Konbiniya

April 22, 2014

Meiji, Meltykiss: Kuchidoke cake - 2

J's comment > as fan of Meiji's Meltykiss series (I've only tried the chocolates admittedly), this one was a downer; it was more like a mini rum cake (oh there was a chunk of alcohol infused alright; cake wasn't exactly fluffy nor dense, it was just, like not anything; FYI, 'kuchidoke' means melt in your mouth - it didn't

Glico, Pocky: Matcha chocolate (Japanese version) - 2

J's comment > more stick than coating, not a whole lot of matcha coating, but stick itself was OK, nothing like the white flour dough crap below

Glico, Pocky: Green Tea (North American version) - 1

J's comment > I just had to get both green tea versions to put to rest my suspicion that they would be different; indeed I was not disappointed; the North American version was indeed much much crappier than the Japanese one; this version tasted of just crisp white flour dough; no matcha flavor at all; complete garbage

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