Wednesday, April 02, 2014


April 2, 2014

Daily Special: Ricotta stuffed ravioli w meat sauce - 2+

J's comment > the 2+ is really more for the meat sauce, but the ravioli wasn't bad on its own, just a tad bland-ish, but it was quite soft and ricotta did make a guest appearance flavor-wise underneath the strong meat sauce (quite a feat)

Golden Beet Salad w goat cheese, baby greens & candied walnuts - 2+

J's comment > goat cheese complimented the soft texture of the beets; candied walnuts just the slightest bit too 'sticky'/sugary, but loved the crispness of them; FYI, normally this dish comes w chicken for the lunch menu, but we got it without.

Linguini al Salmone: BC smoked salmon & spinach in a pernod cream sauce - 2

J's comment > not bad; the salmon was unfortunately cooked w the heat off the pasta, but not stinky-fishy at all; pasta just a tad too al dente

Daily special: Baby shrimp & mussels spaghetti - 2

J's comment > the shrimp didn't taste quite as fresh as I imagined, and the pasta could have used some sauce instead of just olive oil

Chicken Parmesan: Finished in the oven w a tomato sauce and mozzarella - 2

J's comment > chicken almost dry; pasta tad too al dente for my liking; mozzarella whilst present, didn't do anything for the chicken

Complimentary bread & tomato sauce - 2

J's comment > bread crust chewy and hard to tear apart

Chocolate polenta cake - 2

J's comment > not bad; not extremely rich nor dense; the polenta texture definitely breaks up the otherwise too heavy concoction, but on a bad day this could become easily dry; could have been tad more chocolately though

Pannacotta w grappa & wild berries - 2

J's comment > pannacotta slightly stiff, but sauce was good


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