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May 4, 2014

Afternoon tea (for 1) - 2

J's comment > of all the afternoon teas I've had, I found this one to be the most old-world (well it is Bacchus...), w more of the traditional English items such as the fruit cake and the Bakewell tart; flavors and quality were good in almost all items, but I found the whole set as a whole, simply boring

Chocolate eclair - 2+

Raisin scone - 2+

Devonshire cream - 2+

J's comment > the eclair was soft, even w the chocolate on top which usually hardens up the whole pastry, creamy custard filling, but wish there was a tad more of the custard;

scone was crisp on the outside and oh-so-flaky, flavor of raisins really shone through

Devonshire cream was surprisingly light given its inherent nature, and oh-so-smooth, but lacked flavor - maybe a tad more sugar?

Lemon chiffon w white chocolate ganache - 2+

Mini Bakewell tart - 2+

Seasonal fruit tartlet - 2

English fruit cake - 2

J's comment > lemon chiffon was fluffy and light for both the sponge cake and the filling, not bad at all;

Bakewell tart (FYI, this tart is a shortcrust pastry w a layer of jam and a sponge using ground almonds) had a very flaky crust and the jam and almonds combo worked really well

Fruit tartlet was OK, definitely a notch up and above the fruit tartlets you can find@ T & T (for one, the shell was much crisper), but nothing extraordinary

Fruit cake was OK, dense as expected w lots of fruits and nuts but more moist than others I've tried in the past; tried to drown this sliver w the Devonshire cream (above), but didn't really work as the cream was too light

Assorted sandwiches - 2

J's comment > all sandwiches were not bad, the breads were really soft and the fillings were all delicately balanced w just the right amt of creamy mayo mixed in; tasty as these were, they were nothing I haven't tried before in the same calibre; I thought Bacchus could have done better

Pear Tree Green: China estate green tea, perfumed w ripe pear - 2

J's comment > flavors a tad stronger than the avg green tea; pear flavor subtle

Latte - 2


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