Sunday, May 04, 2014


May 4, 2014

Alaskan Weathervane Scallops w saffron, cured tomato & arugula risotto, basil pesto - 2+

J's comment > huge scallops! really well seared (only on the top though, not sure why most restaurants don't sear the other side), cooked perfectly throughout despite the humongous side; risotto OK, not strong in the saffron flavor though (as I prefer); cheese decor pretty, but really didn't add (or detract!) from the dish

Roasted Ruskin beets, organic kale, St. Maure Chevre w candied pecans, crisp apple, walnut and apple cider dressing - 2

J's comment > not bad; beets tender, excellent ratio of complements (the apple, cheese etc.) to the beets - you sometimes get too much of one or the other - on this dish, you get a decent mouthful of everything in balance

Roasted loin of Cervena venison w fondant potato, red cabbage, celery hearts, juniper and thyme jus (rare) - 2

J's comment > very tender, not too gamey, ironically the steak we had at Pourhouse last Friday was way gamier; as a lean meat this venison was cooked very well (it's no easy feat to cook a lean protein to tenderness); not a fan of the fondant potato though, crisped on the top as I'd prefer usually, but on this particular potato, it just didn't work, potato core itself was also on the dense side; FYI, according to our server, this is one of Bacchus' signature dish

White navy bean veloute w pulled confit duck, royal gala apple - 2

J's comment > creamy and not too thick, flavor of the white bean really present, you gotta really love white bean flavor to like this soup; duck unfortunately completely overcooked

Complimentary amuse bouches

Salmon mousse w salmon and grapefruit canape - 2

Crispy saffron risotto balls - 2

J's comment > I thought the amuse bouches from my last visit in Aug 2013 were better, but then in general for the entire meal, the quality of everything seemed better last visit

Complimentary bread and butter
(left to right)

Anchovy stick - 2

Walnut brown bread - 2

Sourdough - 2

J's comment > anchovy stick definitely delivers on its namesake, but I'm not a fan of anchovies so I'll admit to some bias here; both brown bread and sourdough tad tough and hard to chew; butter unfortunately unsalted, other than the sprinkling of salt on top

Pineapple and coconut milk panna cotta w marinated pineapple, pineapple crisp - 2+

J's comment > a most unusual panna cotta! Very creamy, mousse like, not a traditional panna cotta in the least (more gelatinous); sorbet was a lovely touch in elevating this dessert another level; trace coconut flavor, allowing pineapple flavors to shine through; pineapple chunks simply divine

Complimentary after-dinner bites: Chocolate crunch toasts - 2

J's comment > chocolate crunch not bad, but didn't need the toasts underneath (in fact they just fall right off)

Boulevardier: Maker's mark, campari, martini rosso plum & rootbeer bitters - 2

J's comment > most notable feature of the drink was that the bitters weren't too bitter which was just fine by me


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