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Book Kyung Ban Jeom

May 6, 2014

#56 Galbi: Korean marinated beef short ribs served w steamed rice & egg drop soup - 2+

J's comment > the marinade on this galbi was really good, not too sweet nor salty as other Korean places so easily mess up on, just the right amt of flavors; the quality of the meat itself isn't the best by any means, but was still pretty good, not fatty nor lean;

egg drop soup was OK, very well done egg drop actually

#22 The Original: Ja Jang Myeon - 2+

J's comment > a most unusual noodle dish, I've never had anything like it before; the noodles' texture was excellent, very bouncy and slippery (but still easy to pick up w chopsticks); the sauce, despite appearances, was actually quite light; I believe this is BKBJ's signature dish as we saw 80% of the tables (all diners looked Korean too BTW) had this item on their table

#11 Red & green bell peppers stir-fried w thinly sliced pork and mixed vegetables, served w steamed white buns - 2

J's comment > not bad; the buns were extremely soft; veggies all crisp; dish was slightly spicy though; the side dishes were also pretty tasty, the yellow pickles much juicier and not as vinegary than others I've had in the past

#52 Spicy pork rice: Pork and vegetable stir-fried in spicy chili paste served on top of rice - 2

J's comment > sauce slightly spicy as advertised; pork overcooked and semi-dry

Jjam Bbong soup - 2

J's comment > slightly spicy

Yogurt Soju: 4 shots each of soju and sprite, and 4 Yakult yogurt bottles - 2+

J's comment > didn't get the soju at all, was mostly yogurt and sprite, but it was tasty!


Short story on the history of Korean cuisine and a refreshing insight to other dishes that Koreans order other than the suggested popular Korean BBQ's and Bibimbaps

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