Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Broken Rice

May 20, 2014

Uncle Hing’s Chicken Wings | Cánh Gà Chiên: Tossed in garlic butter - 3

J's comment > OMG... the garlic butter... so fragrant and so buttery!!!, I believe it's the same version of garlic butter used in most French escargots; chicken was crisp & juicy, w more meat than the ones @ Phnom Penh, better than Phnom Penh I say 

Cassava Fries | Khoai Mì Chiên: Crispy cassava wedges seasoned w paprika, jalapeno garlic mayo - 2+

J's comment > lightly crisp on the outside, well cooked, no stringiness at all; paprika seasoning and the side of mayo made a well-rounded combo

Duck Confit Sliders | Bánh Bao Vịt: Three steamed bao with duck confit, pickled carrots, daikon, cucumbers, onions, cilantro, and ginger hoisin sauce - 2+

J's comment > very soft and bouncy buns (we pinched one and it bounced right back to its original shape); appearances-wise, it doesn't look like a lot of duck, but the slider tasted like it had just the right amt and the duck was moist too to boot; amt of sauce just right,  not too much as so many establishments tend to go overboard on

Phnom Penh Roll | Bò Bía: Chinese sausage, fried egg, carrot, jicama, basil, lettuce, peanuts; peanut sauce for dipping - 2+

J's comment > a worthy alternative (if not more so in my opinion) to the regular shrimp salad rolls which are so overdone; quite a hefty portion of lettuce (at least 2/3 of the roll), yet this didn't deter the roll from still tasting great! (remember I don't eat greens); chinese sausage flavor not too strong, slightly subtle actually, would have liked it just a tad stronger

Betel-Wrapped Beef Platter | Bò Lá Lốt: Seasoned beef wrapped in betel leaves and charbroiled, served w a side of lettuce, fresh herbs and vermicelli & a pineapple anchovy sauce for dipping - 2+

J's comment > beef very juicy, though didn't quite taste the betel leaf (not sure if you're supposed to actually taste anything?); anchovy sauce actually had trace amts of anchovy and was quite tasty

Vietnamese donuts & coffee | Bánh Choux & Kem Cà Phê: Puffy choux donuts drizzled w coffee caramel, served w slow-drip coffee ice cream - 2+

J's comment > very fluffy, slightly airy donuts, like puffs of donut air :D; would have loved some more caramel; coffee ice cream tasted exactly like the iconic Vietnamese slow-drip coffee, esp w the coffee crumble underneath; trick is to dissect a donut, scoop some ice cream into the half shell and then pop it in your mouth

Salted Lime Soda | Soda Chanh Muối: Club soda, lime, salted plum, sugar - 2

J's comment > Club soda w trace (I emphasize, trace) amts of the other ingredients' flavors


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